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Lean Systems Inc. is a Key Supplier Trainer for Honda's Lean Network

We were invited to participate in Honda's Key Supplier event in Atlanta, GA, USA. This represents another invitation by Honda to assist it's key suppliers.

"Lean systems has had a very profound effect on the direction of our facility by providing the education and knowledge that has forced everyone in our organization to begin challenging our processes and paradigms and look at our business through a different set of glasses. I would highly recommend the program for anyone serious about seeking a better way."

- Jim Recob - Director of N.A. Operations, American Standard -

"The Lean Certification Program is a total systematic approach in deploying the lean journey in any organization that is committed to change. It covers the basic understanding of lean through implementation and most importantly how to effectively "lead" the change."

- Jerry Smith - Director, Bosch Production System & Honda Lean Network Steering Committee Member -

"This is the first "Lean" program I have experienced that does not concentrate on the technical tools but on the system as a whole. Invaluable for anyone committed to developing a lean organization."

   - Dave McCasland - Manufacturing Engineer Manager -

"This program should have been brought to us five years ago, our Plant would have never shut down. The existing companies in the area need this now.

   - A former Phillips employee -

"My expectations were exceeded . I think you definitely have a message that is more encompassing than can be found in just reading everything I can get my hands on. The equal importance of Tools and Culture is not being stressed in other training. Thanks for the extra effort that you have put into your preparation to deliver this very important message in an understandable format."

   - Dallas Moore - Sr. IT Engineer Appleton Papers -

"The total program presented a well thought out approach to apply lean to any organization. It was helpful in understanding lean manufacturing, but more important how to implement it."

   - Bill Herb - Plant Manager Libbey Glass -

"The journey never ends, it is continuous improvement of your mind and your beliefs to guide others to become a better person."

   - Steve Kaufman -

"I believe this is the most valuable training I have ever received and look forward to using it. It could be titled Applied Common Sense."

   - Andy Inniger -