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Consulting Services

Consulting services are available for on-site opportunities, including standardization and continuous improvement. A Train the Trainer course for Kaizen or SMED workshops or customized courses can be developed to meet your specific company needs, including but not limited to:

  • An indepth organizational assessment to determine systematic baseline status
  • Standardization development and implementation including:
    • 5S
    • Time study
    • Work instruction
    • Spaghetti charting
    • Inventory
    • Visual management
  • Value Stream Mapping & Project Managment
  • Traditional Industrial Engineering services including time and motion studies, capacities, lead time reduction, and overall analysis on flow.
  • Kaizen workshop
  • Overall implementation plan that aligns with tools, core values, communication, business strategy, goals, SWOT, assessment, and cultural transformation.
  • Develop proper key measureables and quantitative analysis.
  • Suggestion Program
  • Cellular manufacturing and plant layout revisions
  • Traditional statistical quality system tools (Six Sigma Certification). This includes defective, scrap reduction, and machine breakdown analysis
  • Set up reduction (SMED) workshop
  • Business strategy alignment
  • On-site interactive simulations
  • A two day assessment with two senior members
  • We will design a continuous improvement system and curriculum for any organization and it's needs.
  • 1-day executive overview and organizational planning
  • Product and process family value-stream mapping
  • Supervisor training
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Quality circle and team development with emphasis on identifying wastes, standardization, cost reductions and simple problem solving tools.
  • Cost reduction program development and implementation
  • Leadership training
  • All traditional human resource services
  • Safety and ergonomics

We will assist your organization in creating its own lean curriculum and implementation program. This includes development of leadership, lean champions and managers. The key to long term transformation and sustainment is systematic analysis, leadership, and employee development through workshops, company meetings, and your own curriculum.

For more information contact Dennis L. Doren by e-mail at dd@leanimprove.com or by phone at 419-308-7524.