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About Lean Systems

Lean Systems Inc. is a team of continuous improvement experts that teach leadership, systems, and transformation as well as assist in the assessment and implementation of cultural transformation.

The Lean Systems program is approved by the State of Ohio and NAFTA.

The Lean Systems program has recently become one of the first American partners with Japanese Management Association Consultants (JMAC), the most respected consulting group in Japan.

What is The Science of Improvement?

"It is the science of time, theory, creativity, problem solving and human behavior. This is founded on hypothesis, rationality, and experimentation using tools and a controlled model."
    - Dennis L. Doren -

  • Understanding of the technical and social sciences
  • Scientific Thinking Mechanism (STM)
  • Scientific Management: The Motion Mind
    • "Time is the shadow of motion, which is also a cost."
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • The Social Psychology of the Organization
  • Self Sciences
Our Mission Statement
“To improve society by utilizing a systems approach to organizational development, continuous improvement, and waste identification/elimination. Thus resulting in human development, systems improvement, cost reductions and increased quality by producing a superior product or service.”
Benefits Gained from Lean
  • True assessment and cultural transformation
  • Traditional to Lean - 3:1 improvement in efficiency
  • 50% space reduction
  • 50 inventory turns per year
  • 50% productivity gain
  • 50% quality gain
  • Short cycle time paper handling processes (1 hour or less)
  • Large cash flow due to reduced inventory and Kanban use
  • Real cost tracking based on Activity Based Costing rather than by allocation
  • Capital investment needs reduced to 50%
  • Near zero defective product returns from the customer
  • 98% to 100% on-time delivery to customer’s want date
  • Less than 10 minute changeover
  • Conversion Costs
    • Material cost to finished goods 25-40% less
    • Manufacturing Space 35-50% less
  • New Product Development <6 months
  • Can the shop floor become a strategic weapon for quality, cost, and delivery?
Reshape Your Bottom Line

Strategic plans are great, but how are you going to implement?

The Lean Manufacturing Certification Program will help change agents understand and ultimately teach the core values of Lean. This approach is an overall business and cultural analysis of standardization, employee empowerment and continuous improvement.

Most programs focus only on the technical aspects. This program will teach social systems as well as technical systems. Sociology drives technology. If management understands social systems and culture, the organization will operate more successfully.

"Everyday we must make one small improvement to our home, work, and community life. The Americans are obsessed with our technical systems, but no one is concerned with the culture that will develop them."
- Fujio Cho - President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing -