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Seminar Training

This standard set of lean tools has been used across many industries and validated consistently by world-class organizations. This includes, but is not limited to, problem solving/quality tools, an implementation plan, standardization, 5S, waste analysis, systems thinking, value stream mapping, and continuous improvement plans. The development of leadership is equally as important.

“There can be no continuous improvement, where there is no standardization” – Taiichi Ohno

Seminars Available (for detailed information see Seminar Details)

Foundations of Lean Systems
  • The History and Foundations of the Toyota House
  • The Role of Henry Ford, Taiichi Ohno, Shingo, and Deming
  • Craft, Mass and Lean Production
  • Base for Improvement Using 5s and Standards
  • Muda (8 Wastes)
  • SMED
  • Sociology and Culture of Improvement
  • Systems Thinking
  • Shared Vision
  • Core Values
  • Key Measurable's
  • Assessment/Implementation Strategy
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Strategy
Team-Based Problem Solving
  • Visual Management and Information Systems
  • Poka Yoke
  • Team Building and Organizational Structures
  • Roles of Supervision
  • 5 Whys
  • Corrective Actions and 8-Ds
  • Training and Development
  • Defective/Scrap Reduction
  • Standards or Work Instructions
  • Problem-Solving
  • Safety and Ergonomics
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Lean and Six Sigma Integration
  • Total Predictive Maintenance
  • Machine Efficiencies
  • Customer Orientation
  • Harmony
  • Suggestion Program
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Employee Empowerment
Time-Based Management/Continuous Flow
  • Plant Layout
  • Foundations of Industrial Engineering/Time and Motion Studies
  • Work Measurement
  • Cycle Times
  • Lead-Time Analysis
  • Customer Requirements/TAKT Time
  • Flow and Spaghetti Charting
  • Leveling/Balancing
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Standardized Work
  • W/P Analysis and Batch Sizing
  • Flexibility of Workers (Shojinka)
  • Compensation Systems
  • Paper Kaizen
  • Profit/Gain Sharing
  • Cost Analysis
  • Kanban
  • Machine-Controlled Crew Size
  • Kaizen
Value Stream Mapping
  • Understand the Importance of Product Family Identification and Strategy
  • Value-Stream Map a Current Process or Concept
  • Identify Areas of Waste in Your Product Family
  • Establish the Metrics to Follow
  • Brainstorm a Future Lean State Map to Eliminate Waste
  • Understand How to Use the Value-Stream Map to Layout Equipment
  • Review Implementation Plans and Kaizen Workshops
  • Traits of a Leader
  • Is There a Need?
  • Social Sciences
  • Paradigms
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Relationship Building
  • Empathy
  • Discovery Learning/Creativity and Innovation
  • Morale
  • Reducing Barriers (Internal and Departmental)
  • Values
  • Fear
  • Growth
  • Guidance

In the Leadership course you will examine:

  • Application of the psychology of beliefs, wants and needs to transform the organization
  • Essential personality characteristics for the transformational agent of change
  • Who should lead the implementation, essential characteristics for the transformational change agent
  • How social change will be Integrated into the overall implementation plan
  • A few technical systems that need leadership support of initiatives, such as suggestion systems, benchmarking and best practices


Seminar Details
Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of all course work in the five seminars and a related project, as well as a reference manual containing information covered during the course of the seminar.
Fee: $995 per seminar
Discounts:* 2 registrants - Save 10%
5 or more - Save 20%
Location: Stone Ridge Golf Club
1553 Muirfield Dr.
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
Cancellation Policy - If you cancel five full days before the seminar, your fee will be refunded in full. If you cancel during the last four days, you will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refunds on the day of the seminar. You are encouraged to send a substitute if your plans change at the last minute. Refunds subject to cancellation policies.
*To receive discounts, registrations must be placed at the same time. Fees or billing instructions must accompany registration form. Fees are subject to change.